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2016 / film / 28’

A story about a clerk holding power over a small concrete town. She makes every person who comes to her office fill in countless forms and then she sends them to an unused floor of a Brutalist office building. Although it is in darkness and nothing whatsoever can be expected to be dealt with there, the characters thoughtlessly do as they are told and wait in the dark corridor for hours. Nobody calls the clerk’s pointless orders into doubt. After work, the protagonist steals light bulbs from street lights which she then brings home and destroys to prevent them from shining again. By gradually annihilating light she tried to put limits on the people living in her town, at once trying to convince them that darkness is exactly what they need. “There’s freedom in darkness,” she says.

Scriptwriter, director, director of photography and editor: Karolina Breguła
Sound designer: Weronika Raźna
Producer: Archeology of Photography Foundation and Villa Romana
Cast: Letizia Renzini, Angelika Stepken, Brigitte Mauel, Giuliano Faellini, Xue Yao, Antonio Lo Pinto, Massimo Rosati, Gaetano Cunsolo