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2018 / 9 channle film installation / 74'

The peaceful life of a small town’s community is unexpectedly interrupted by a mysterious object hidden in the bushes on the square. The object is said to be an old forgotten sculpture which is a remnant of the bygone political order. One day the sculpture begins to communicate with the passers-by. It hums silently at first and its beautiful voice becomes a source of pleasure. Soon, however, it begins to sing louder and louder. The lyrics of the sculpture’s song gradually become clearer: “I’d like to ask you a question.” The inhabitants of the town know all-too-well that questions may be uncomfortable. To avoid facing difficult issues, they decide to stop listening to the sculpture. Yet, the singing continues. Having initially been a source of entertainment and joy, it begins to cause complaints, misunderstandings and anger. The community’s opposition gradually transmogrifies into organised aggression.

Square 廣場 was mostly shot in Taiwan, the characters speak Mandarin and Taiwanese. A few scenes were created in Warsaw, in Polish, which is Bregula’s native language. The scenes are the artist’s self-commentary that serves as footnotes to the film. They portray her as a pitiful naïve princess desperately looking to do something that will shake people out of socio-political madness.

Cinematography: Robert Mleczko
Sound: Weronika Raźna
Music: Manami Kakudo 
Editing: Stefan Paruch
Production: Fotoaura Institute of Photography and Karolina Breguła
Main partner: Instytut Adamai Mickiewicza
Project was produced with support of the MInistry of Culture and National Heritage Schoalrship