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Correcting photographs
2011, photography, installation

The project Corrective photographs consisted of 7 unique city wallpapers created from the pictures selected from Zofia Chomętowska’s archive.

Zofia Chomętowska was a photographer who came from the Polesie region of Poland and who spent a vast part of her creative life time in Warsaw. She depicted the city with great sensitivity. In the 1930s she was taking pictures of the citiy's development, and a few years later, she portrayed war destructions and subsequent postwar rebuilding. The selected Chomętowska's pictures placed in 7 spots in Warsaw created a new context for the contemporary capital: they were pointing at its imperfectness and filling its gaps, correcting it.

Corrective photographs has been a part of a long term project Living archive run by Archeology of Photography Foundation. The aim of the Living archive project is to remind the public of the heritage of Polish photography through works created by contemporary artists.

The project was financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Curator of the Living Archive project: Karolina Lewandowska