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2013 / photography / 100x150cm

The Street alludes to the conservation issues generated by the new media art. One of the pieces in the art collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul in South Korea (MOCA) is „The More, The Better“ - an installation by Nam June Paik. This  huge tower of 250 TV sets needs constant reperations. As there are no guidelines for such a situation, the Seoul MOCA decided to hold a conference, where Paik’s work was discussed in the context of new media art conservation issues. The post-conference publication shows that one of the solutions that are being considered is to dismantle the sculpture and bury it in the storage room.

The Street is an illustration of the imaginative situation in which parts of the Nam June Paik work are being taken out of the museum. The photographs'  main protagonist is a man pulling a trolley full of broken TV sets. This brings to mind the Korean street, where such trolleys are used to collect scrap paper. The other protagonists are figures inspired by Korean art like Listening to the Nightingale on Horseback by Kim Hong-do or the film The meaning of 1/24 seconds by Kim Ku-Lim.

The work was realized in collaboration with National Art Studio, Changdong - National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea

Julia Marsh: The Street by Karolina Breguła