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Spatial Forms as the Centre of Everything
book, 2013

In the 1960s and 1970s the Polish city of Elbląg hosted a series of Biennials of Spatial Forms, which were the most popular cyclical Polish artistic event in public space, featuring outstanding artists such as Magdalena Abakanowicz, Edward Krasiński or Henryk Stażewski. It came as an effect of collaboration between Gallery EL and Mechanical Works Zamech in Elbląg. The artists invited by the gallery stayed in the city a few months of a residency to create together with specialists from Zamech large-scale metal Spatial Forms, most of which remain to be seen in the Elbląg’s cityscape.

The Spatial Forms have fascinated me since I saw them the first time I visited Elbląg three years ago. From then on, I have been trying to guess the meanings embedded in these metal sculptures. Upon an invitation from Gallery EL to participate in the project Awakening, I decided to finally solve their mystery. I invited scientists from various fields to collaborate with me towards the deconstruction of Elbląg’s spatial forms. By observing them beyond their inherent artistic context and through the eyes of experts from outside the field of art, I wanted to reach their deeply concealed meanings.

The effect of the work was presented during the performative science conference which took place in Elbląg in
December 2012.

Curator: Karina Dzieweczyńska

Autorzy tekstów: Karolina Breguła, Justyna Gabriel, Tomasz Gajda, Aanaida Ghazaryan, Krzysztof Herbst, Andrzej Kapusta, Paweł Laufer, Anna Maga, Paweł Mościcki, Daniel Muzyczuk, Ewa Opałka, Jan Suffczyński, Piotr Sułkowski, Joanna Świerczyńska, Urszula Zajączkowska.

Wydawca: Fundacja Bęc Zmiana