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opera, 130min

The Tower is a story about a group of people living together in a block of flats. They are planning to build a tower made of sugar together. Through this unusual architectural concept they are hoping to liberate themselves from the uncomfortable living conditions.

The performance shows the expectations, dreams and desires awakened by the post-war housing architecture and their crash with the reality of the everyday life in blocks.

Featuring: Joanna Cortes, Nina Czerkies, Roman Holc, Borys Jaźnicki, Ewa Konstanciak, Sylwester Kostecki, Anna Lubańska, Krzysztof Łapiński, Maciej Nawrocki, Ewa Mikulska, Wojciech Parchem  

Libretto and directed by Karolina Breguła 
Music by Ela Orleans
Sound by Weronika Raźna
Lighting by Robert Mleczko
Costumes by Małgorzata Białobrzycka
Choreography by Karolina Breguła & Przemak Kamiński 
Production asistent: Jagoda Mordak
Producer: Fundacja Witryna
Curator: Agnieszka Sural  

Documentation: Anna Nesterowicz